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The PhysioFIT Story

In the heart of Bend, Oregon, nestled on Awbrey Butte, we've created a place where healing meets strength, where passion meets precision, and where care meets courage. Welcome to PhysioFIT, our physical therapy clinic that's redefining the way we approach wellness and recovery.

We, Scott Johnson, Mychal Manning, and Michael Hernandez, founded PhysioFIT in April 2022. Our mission? To create a physical therapy experience that's as rigorous as it is restorative, as empowering as it is empathetic, and as focused on fitness as it is on function.

We saw a gap in our profession, where therapy was often underdosed and the impact of strength and overall fitness were under appreciated. We decided to fill that gap, and thus, PhysioFIT was born.

a New Type of Culture

At PhysioFIT, our goal is simple yet profound: to leave each client better than when they found us. This is the driving force behind our "fitness-centric approach" to physical therapy. We don't just want you to recover; we want you to reclaim your strength, rediscover your potential, and redefine your limits.

But our vision extends beyond our clients. We're equally passionate about creating a nurturing environment for our team. We believe in a workplace where physical therapists and healthcare professionals should be valued, well-compensated, and not overwhelmed with too many clients. We want our team to focus on delivering high-quality outcomes for our clients, to grow and expand their expertise without limitations, and to provide care with a deep passion and clarity.

Our Promise

In our words, "If we were a restaurant, our service wouldn't be fast food, we're fine dining." We refuse to let our team or our clients feel like they're part of a mill or an assembly line type of clinic. At PhysioFIT, every person is seen, heard, and deeply cared for.

PhysioFIT is more than just a clinic; it's a community. We want it to be a place where, as we say, "everybody knows your name." A place that's as welcoming as it is transformative.

But above all, PhysioFIT is our promise. A promise to our clients that they will receive the highest quality care possible, a promise that they will never be forgotten once they leave, and a promise to help them recover, recondition, and return to their lives, stronger and better than before.

Welcome to PhysioFIT, Physical Therapy Reimagined.

Identify the Pain Source — Calm It Down — Build You Back

Our PhysioFIT Method

First, we talk. We want to know what's important to you, where you are coming from and where you want to be. Then, our Bend physical therapists conduct a thorough evaluation to pinpoint the cause of your symptoms, eliminating guesswork. Once the source is identified, we calm your symptoms and create a plan to make you better than before.

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